Saturday, November 19, 2016

Four Seasons in Five Minutes and a Ship

The next ship was the one that I was interested in catching in Detroit.  It's been a couple of months since I've seen her.
 It was a pretty weird weather day today.  Yesterday it got up into the seventies.  Today it was in the forties.  While I was waiting to get pictures of this ship, I had rain, snow, a little bit of hail and wind.  I also had blue skies.  So I got basically four seasons in a matter of minutes.
 But I think nasty weather makes for cool pictures.  It definitely makes for cool weather.
 The sky was pretty ominous at points too.
 She works her way past Windmill Point.
 I think the waves were a little calmer here than where I caught the Boothe.
 And she passes Windmill Point.
 And we got some gray skies too.
 But the water was a nice shade of blue.
 Even some blue skies.
 And back to gray.
 I kind of like the little puffy clouds passing by.
 And she starts to pass by.

The Cason J. Callaway was on her way to Huron, Ohio.  As I type this post, she is anchored just east of Marblehead.  I suspect she is waiting for the winds to die down.

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