Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Eastern Michigan at Sunrise

My polling place was on Eastern Michigan's campus and I had a little time, so I decided to get some nice sunset pictures.  It was a nice enough morning and the light looked pretty nice.
 The Water Tower is awash in the early morning sunlight.  I think it looks pretty nice with the reddish tree to the right.
 Then I decided to get a picture of Boone Hall.  I kind of liked the look with the reddish trees around it.
 Welch Hall in the early morning sunlight.  I like the trees in front of it but I wish you could see more of the building.  This is one of Eastern's oldest buildings.
Another shot of the building, trying to get more of it.
 Looking up at the Water Tower.
 I think McKenny Hall is one of the nicer buildings on campus but then again, this whole part looks pretty nice.
 Sherzer Hall is probably my favorite building on campus and it really comes out in the fall.
 Starkweather Hall is the oldest building on campus.
 Another angle of Sherzer.
 Looking down the street.
 Pease Auditorum.  Sadly, it's not an angle where I could get the sunlight on it.
 The Pierce Hall tower.

Looking up at the tower.

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