Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

I found out that the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train would be passing by tonight and I heard where it would be passing, so I decided to head to Belleville in order to catch it.
I thought that it was going to be passing around 7:30 or so but the line is owned by Norfolk-Southern so the Holiday Train gets low priority to the Norfolk-Southern trains.  We heard the horn, but it was coming from the wrong direction.
 It was still cool to get some night shots of a train.
 And this particular train headed to the east.
 After the passing of another freight train and some disappointed people, the Holiday Train passed about an hour later.  I'll have to admit that it was pretty neat to catch a train that is all decorated.
 The train itself has been running for close to two decades at the Holiday Train.  There are actually two of them.  One goes through Canada and the other visits the United States.  There are shows along the route and they use those shows as a food bank.  It's kind of cool.
 I'm hoping that this train passes by next year because I would definately like to catch it.
 Like I said, it's pretty neat.
It's even neater as it passes by.  I tried to head over to Milan to catch it there but it was long gone by the time I made it there.

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