Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan in Pictures

I only have a couple pictures from the game itself in here.  If you want to see my game pictures, go to Hustle Belt.
 The color guard getting ready to march onto the field.  I kind of liked the setting here.
 The band marching on the field.
 One of the drum majors.
 A pretty close to overall shot of the band.
 One of the twirlers.
 Swoop being Swoop.
 Dieuly Aristilde catching a touchdown pass.
 Swoop with one of the dance team members.
 For the halftime show, the band played three songs from Frank Sinatra.  They looked and sounded pretty good.
 The twirlers were pretty awesome too.

 The band setting up a kick line.
 the dance team was part of Luck Be a Lady Tonight.
 And they looked pretty good too.
 One more shot of the band.
 The eagle didn't fly around the field last night, but they used her to set up some shots of the seniors.
 Another shot of the eagle.

 There was a drumline set up between the 3rd and 4th Quarters.

 It sounded really good.
 Central Michigan had just scored to make the game 21-20 in favor in Central Michigan.  Eastern Michigan converted on 4th and 6 to set up this play.  Brogan Roback threw a nice pass to Sergio Bailey II to get the game winning touchdown.  Central Michigan had 40 seconds to get the lead back, Eastern Michigan ended it with an interception.
 Sometimes, you don't need pictures from the game itself to show what happened.
 It was a pretty exciting finish to a pretty exciting regular season.
I wish Eastern Michigan the best of luck in whatever bowl game they end up in.

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