Friday, November 18, 2016

Catching the 757's

I had an audit up at the Troy office today.  It got done early enough for me to enjoy some of the afternoon.  We did really well too.
Anyway, I didn't see any traffic on the river, so I decided to stop at the airport on the way home.  Unfortunately, I missed the 747 by about 10 minutes but I still had a pretty good hour planewatching.
 The first plane I caught was a Southwest Airlines 737 arriving from Denver International Airport.  I kind of like this color scheme.
 An MD-88 flying in from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, GA.  Hartsfield-Jackson Airport had its beginnings as the Atlanta Speedway.  It was abandoned and in 1925 it was developed into an airfield by then Atlanta Mayor Walter Sims.  The field was originally named Candler Field.  The first flight was a Florida Airways airmail plane in September of 1926.  In 1928, the first passenger service into Atlanta was established by Pitcairn Airlines.  Delta Airlines started flying from there in 1930 as Delta Air Service.  Pitcairn would later become Eastern Airlines.  Delta of course would remain Delta.  It immediately became the third busiest airport in the United States behind New York and Chicago.
In 1940, the US Government declared part of it as a military field and during the war it was the busiest airport in the country.  In 1946, it would be renamed Atlanta Airport.  Up until 1961, the furthest nonstop flight out of Atlanta was to Chicago.  The current terminal was built in 1977 and was named after Mayor William B. Hartsfield because he was a large supporter of aviation.  It received it's current name when it was co-named after Mayor Maynard Jackson in 2003 after his death.
In 2015, it would become the first airport to serve 100 million passengers in a year.  It has been the world's busiest airports in terms of passengers served since 1998.
 I think this CRJ-900 was coming from Cleveland Airport.
 A Robinson helicopter.
 This CRJ-200 is operated by SkyWest and was arriving from Kalamazoo.  Speaking of which, College Game Day will be visiting Western Michigan tomorrow.
 FlightAware doesn't have any information on where this plane was coming from.  But it is an ERJ-145.
 This Airbus A320 was coming from Denver.
 An Airbus A320 belonging to Delta Airlines arrives from Miami.
 This Southwest 737 took off from Chicago Midway Airport at 2:05 Central Time.  It was landing in Detroit at 3:45 Eastern Time.
 Delta 2520 cleared to land on Runway 22L.  Delta 2520 is the flight from San Francisco to Detroit.
 This Frontier Airbus A319 was arriving from Trenton.  As I type this post, it is on its way back after going to Raleigh-Durham.
 Another shot of Delta Flight 2520.
 And this United Airbus A319 was coming from O'Hare.
This American MD-80 was coming from Dallas-Fort Worth.
 I'm not sure where this ERJ-145 was coming from.
 This 737 was coming from Minneapolis.
 And this Boeing 717 was arriving from Nashville.
 And this American Airlines A320 was coming from the Phoenix Sky Harbor.
 As I was getting ready to leave, I took one more look at FlightAware and saw that a 757 was arriving from Atlanta.
 I decided to move to my other plane watching spot, since I figured it would be landing at the far east runway.
 I'm glad I did because the lighting was perfect for this one.
 Although the 757 would look good in any lighting.
And I leave you with a Mad Dog.

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