Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day Planewatching

I was up at the Troy office today, so I decided to stop at the airport on the way home.  There were some fairly ominous clouds to the east but the sun was shining to the west, so I figured it would make for some interesting pictures.
 I decided to stop at my normal spot.  I discovered that I can also get pictures of the planes as they land at the center runway from there as well.  As I got there, I caught this MD-88 as it was arriving from LaGuardia Airport in New York.  As I type this post, it is on its way to Bradley International Airport in Northern Connecticut.  This airport was built in 1940 as a National Guard base.  The field was named after Lt. Eugene Bradley who was killed during a training accident in his P-40.  It was converted to civilian use in 1947.
 I don't have a picture where I can make out a tail number on this one, so I'm not sure where it was arriving from.
 An Embrear 170 wearing United Express colors but operated by Republic Airlines coming in from Newark Airport.  As I type this post, the plane is heading back there.  Newark is kind of a neat airport.  It has kind of a short runway, so it feels like a Navy takeoff.
 As I caught this MD-90, it was flying in from Denver Airport.  Denver International Airport was built in 1995 in order to replace Stapleton Airport.  It is the largest airport by land area in the United States and the 18th busiest in the world.  It was originally supposed to open in 1993 but there were several problems with the automated baggage system.  Eventually that system was abandoned.  There are a number of conspiracies dealing with the airport and I will let you look those up.
 This Boeing 717 was arriving from Indianapolis.
 I'm not sure where this CRJ-900 was arriving from but it is operated by Pinnacle Aviation.
 An Airbus A320 that was coming in from Palm Beach, Florida.
 This is a Gulfstream IV that was arriving from Toronto's Pearson Airport.
 This Embrear 175 is owned by Mesa Aviation for United Express.  It was coming in from George HW Bush Airport in Houston, Texas.
 A Boeing 737-800 arrives from Salt Lake City, Utah.  The hump on the top carries the Wi-Fi system, I think.
 A CRJ-900 operated by SkyWest arriving from Dallas Fort-Worth.
 A Boeing 717 that was flying in from Kansas City.
 This Boeing 737-900 was arriving from Seattle.
 The main plane that kept me around was the 757-200.  This is my favorite aircraft and I was glad to catch it in the right light.  I really like this shot.
 This plane was arriving from Southwest Florida International Airport which is in Fort Myers, Florida.
 The almost profile shot.
 And it continues to the runway.
This plane was coming in as I was getting ready to leave, so I decided to get a picture of it.  It was arriving from Las Vegas Airport.

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