Monday, November 7, 2016

An Afternoon at the Aluminum Aviary

Since planewatching it's particularly taxing, I decided to head over to Detroit Metro Airport to catch some planes.  I was hoping to catch a least a 757 but I caught a few more.
 This Boeing 717 was arriving from Philadelphia as I was parking.  I decided to start at the Tim Horton's because I was thinking that there might be some heavies that would be using the center runway.
 I think this is an MD-88 but I can't make out the tail number in any of my pictures.  I've heard that these might be retired in the near future.  It would be kind of a shame as they are nice looking aircraft.
 Another aircraft that I couldn't make out the tail number for.  If I weren't busy taking pictures, I'd consider writing the flight information down.
 This is a Boeing 737-900 but I'm not sure on the flight information.  It might have been a shuttle move from Atlanta or Minneapolis.
 This is an Embrear 170 operated by Shuttle America.  They use the callsign "Mercury", which is also pretty cool if you ask me.
 I think this 757-300 was coming in from Orlando, Florida.
 The -300 version of the 757 is the stretch one.  It can hold more passengers.
 This is an Airbus 320.
 This Airbus 319 operated by American Airlines was arriving from Pittsburgh.
 This is another Boeing 737-900 operated by Delta.  I'm not sure where it was coming from.
 I kind of liked this shot with the plane higher in the air leading into the CRJ-900.  This particular one is operated by Pinnacle Air.
 A 757-200 coming in for a landing.
 I think this particular one was arriving from Phoenix.
 Another 737.
 I think this 737 was arriving from Chicago.
 This Spirit Airlines Airbus was coming from Fort Lauderdale.
 I think Frontier has one of the cooler liveries out there.  This particular Airbus was arriving from Trenton Airport in New Jersey.  That's a wood duck on the tail.
 This 747 was arriving at Detroit from Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan.  I think it is cool to see this plane.
 Still amazing how big these are.
 This particular Airbus 330 was flying from Amsterdam.
An Alaska Airlines 737 flying in from Seattle.

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