Sunday, April 8, 2018

Die Konigin Landet in Detroit

With the final flight of the Delta 747 occurring while I was in the hospital, I missed catching it.  Fortunately, there is another airline that flies the 747 to Detroit Metro Airport.  And that airline is Lufthansa.
 The Lufthansa flight arrives from Frankfurt.  (FRA or EDDF airport code).    Frankfurt is a city with over 700,000 people.  It was established in the first century and is the fifth largest city in Germany.  For five centuries, it was a free state.
 Frankfurt is one of the major cities in Germany and is the main financial center of that country. 
 This particular flight is roughly 8.5 hours long.  It covers 4,338 miles and goes up to an altitude of around 40,000 feet.
 It will fly at a top speed of 564 miles per hour.
I'll miss the days when this plane is finally retired.

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