Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday Night Flights

It was a nice night tonight.  I think it was pushing towards 70s, so I decided to head over to the airport. 
First up was a CRJ-200 that had to do a go around, I think.  It was listed as DTW to DTW on FlightRadar.  But I'm not sure why it would be listed like that.
This A320 was arriving from Seattle.
A Southwest 737 coming in from Atlanta.
The nightly United Flight arriving from San Francisco.
It was followed by an MD-83 from Dallas.
The Beijing A350.
This 737 was arriving from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  I don't recall seeing this livery before.  Swift Air was founded in 1997 as a charter aircraft service.  Its main hub is in Phoenix.
One of the planes that I was waiting for.
The Air France 787-9 coming from Paris.
I think this is a CRJ-900, but I don't remember where it was coming from.
Fed Ex 505 from Memphis with an MD-11.
A Jet Blue A320 coming from Boston.  The saying on the front of the aircraft says, "Hopelessly Devoted to Blue".
An Air Canada Express CRJ-200 arriving from Toronto.
An MD-88 arriving from Windsor Locks, CT.
An A321 arriving from Minneapolis.
It was followed by an A320 coming from LaGuardia.
A Spirit A320 from Atlanta.
A 757 arriving from Santa Ana, CA.  I think I've been on this flight once.
This Spirit plane arriving from LaGuardia.
A CRJ-200 from Akron.
This one comes from State College, PA.
I don't remember where this plane was coming from.
A CRJ-900 from Portland, Maine.
I was happy seeing this because this is a livery I haven't seen in a while.  AN
The other plane that I was waiting for.
The Royal Jordanian 787-8.
Another view of it.
A CRJ-200 from Knoxville.
And I end the evening with a 757 from Orlando.

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