Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Trying Out a New Lens

So I decided to get a new longer lens.  I was going to order a used Sigma 150 to 500mm lens but then I saw that a new 150 to 600mm lens wasn't much more.  They both had optical stabilization which would be helpful.  Also, my current 500mm lens was starting to have some issues.  I figured it was time for a new one.  The lens arrived today, so I figured I would go try it out.  I saw that the Air France 787 was cancelled but I figured I could catch the Fed Ex MD-11 coming in.
 The planes were coming in from the south, but this wasn't too much of a problem for me as I had a good spot to catch the planes coming from the west.  The first plane that I saw was an Airbus A320 belonging to Spirit Airlines.  It was arriving from Seattle.
 It was followed by a Fed Ex MD-11 arriving from Memphis.
 I can't imagine how many packages are on this thing.
 Next up was CRJ-700 arriving from Birmingham, NY.
 I figured I would try my hand at getting some planes on the other runway.  With an additional 100mm and image stabilization on my lens, I might be able to get them.  I'll have to say that this Southwest 737 arriving from Atlanta turned out pretty nice.
 It was followed by this Delta 737 which was also arriving from Atlanta.
 A CRJ-200 that was coming from my hometown.
 An A320 coming from LaGuardia.
 An MD-88 coming from Windsor Locks, CT.  I think I see this flight fairly often.
 This A319 was arriving from Mexico City.
 Another A320 belonging to Spirit Airlines.  This one was arriving from LaGuardia.  It's pretty neat to see this planes because they give some color to an otherwise see of white.
 This CRJ-700 was arriving from Grand Rapids.
 This 737 was arriving from LAX.
 Another CRJ-200.  This particular one was coming from Evansville, Indiana.
 Tonight's Jet Blue slogan was, "I want to be with Blue, New York New York".   Except that it was coming from Boston.
 A United ERJ-170 coming from O'Hare Airport.
 As it was starting to rain and snow, I decided to end the night with a 757 arriving from Cancun.
One more shot of this.

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