Monday, April 2, 2018

What's Better than One 787?

When you can catch two of them.  With Air France flying the 787-9 until June or so and Royal Jordanian flying the 787-8 at a time when I can  catch it, I get the chance to catch two 787s on Mondays and Thursdays.  With that, I decided to head over to Metro after work tonight.
 First up was an A319 arriving from LaGuardia.
 It was followed by an ERJ-170 arriving from Newark.
 This ERJ was arriving from Columbus.
 It wasn't long before the first plane I was looking for arrived.  It flies here from Amman, Jordan by way of Montreal.
 I'm not sure why it stops in Montreal for part of the year.  I would almost guess it has something to with fuel loads.
 An Air Canada Express CRJ-200 arriving from Toronto.  I wish Detroit Metro would get a proper Air Canada flight though.
 A United ERJ-175 arriving from Newark.  It seemed kind of odd to have two flights from the same airport arrive in short succession but I think one of them was delayed.
 An American 737 arriving from Dallas.
 A 757 arriving from Atlanta.
 I had to go to my other spot because the Air France 787 was lining up to land on one of the 22s.
 I like the way the wings curl up in flight.
 And I got a nice beacon shot.
 A 717 arriving from Madison, WI.
 I'm not sure where this Spirit Airlines plane came from.  I think it was Orlando.
 A CRJ-200 arriving from what used to be K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base near Marquette, MI.
 A Jet Blue A320 arriving from Boston.
 A CRJ-700 arriving from Kentucky.
 Normally, I don't post pictures that are too out of focus, but I liked that I got two DC-9 type planes in one shot.
 A Boeing 717 arriving from LaGuardia.
 A CRJ-200 coming in from Burlington, VT.
 A CRJ-900 arriving from Dallas.
 This CRJ-900 arrived from Houston.
 I had to wait around to catch my favorite plane.
 And that of course is a 757.  This particular one was arriving from Cancun.
 An Airbus 320 arriving from Denver.
 This is a 737 named the Spirit of Seattle.  This plane was delivered to Delta in 2013 and represented its 80th Anniversary of being an airline.  I think Delta has some other "Spirit of" planes but I have yet to see them.
 This 737 was arriving from Minneapolis.
 A 737 being chased by a Spirit Airlines plane.  The 737 was arriving from Boston.  I'm not sure where the other plane was from.
And we end with an MD-90.

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