Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Thunder Bay Passes Del-Ray.

I thought that there was going to be a ton of river traffic today.  But it turns out that most of it had passed by the time I woke up.  That left me with one ship to catch.
 I took my sweet time waking up this morning, so that meant I would miss it as it was coming off Lake St. Clair.  I was then thinking I'd catch her at Milliken State Park.
 That didn't happen because I decided to catch the Queen first.  So it was off to Del Ray that I went.
 When I arrived at the park, there were a ton of people with boats there.  I wasn't sure if they were part of a tournament or it was the first nice Saturday in a while.  Anyway, I was able to get a parking spot.  The area where people fished wasn't too busy.
 I was able to get some shots of the Thunder Bay between the fishing poles.
 You can see her passing a couple of fishing boats here.  These boats weren't a problem but shortly after this picture was taking, I heard her horn going off like crazy.
 When you hear five shorts from a ship, it means get out of the way.  I guess I wouldn't argue with a ship.
She continued on her way to Nanticoke though.

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