Sunday, April 22, 2018

Waking Up to the Cuyahoga

I was going to not do anything today but then I saw that the Cuyahoga would be passing Detroit this morning.  Since the Cuyahoga is one of the ships on the endangered list, I decided to get up and head down to Detroit to catch her.
 I started out at Milliken State Park because she was just rounding Belle Isle and coming into view.  But apparently there was a walleye tournament today and I didn't want all these boats in my shots.
 I took one more picture of her and decided to head to another park to catch her.
 I went over to Riverside Park, the boats were still there but for the most part they were behind the ship.
 The headshot.  I didn't realize that I could get a headshot here but the twists and turns in the river allow it.
 She continues on her way.
 A puff of smoke from her stack as she adjusts her speed.
 She is greeted by the Westcott.
And one more shot as she heads down to Toledo.

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