Saturday, April 7, 2018

Eastern Michigan Spring Game

I went to the Eastern Michigan spring game today but it didn't feel much like spring.  It was in the high 30's but pretty windy.  Even though I was waffling on whether or not I wanted to go, given where I was, it felt good to be there.  As always, I just have one picture from the game, for the rest of those go to Hustle Belt.
 Swoop was there.  They were going to have autographs after the game, so I saw the other eagle there but I wasn't in a position to get pictures of her.
 And of course, there is always a ref getting in the way of what could be a good shot.
 The EMU dance team looked pretty good.
They played as close as they could to a real game today.  They looked pretty good but it's hard to say because it wasn't a real game.

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