Saturday, August 12, 2017

Noontime Planewatching

So I took my lunch into work again yesterday.  Like I said, it is kind of nice on occasion.  It gives me a chance to catch up on the news or take a walk or do a little distance plane watching.
 So guess what I decided to do?  First up is an MD-90 that was on its way to Kansas City.
 What mainly got my interest was the chance to see the 747 taking off for Tokyo.  I wasn't sure if the wind conditions were right though.  It turns out they were almost perfect as the plane flew right over.
 I don't normally like belly shots, but I do like this one.
 A 737 heading for San Diego.
 A Cessna 172 out of Ann Arbor Airport.
 Another 737.  I think this one was on its way to Seattle.
 And then it was obscured by the clouds.
A Cirrus SR22 out of Ann Arbor Airport.  This is kind of a neat looking plane.  It was also designed with safety in mind.  Apparently if there is an issue, the pilot can deploy a chute to bring the plane down safely.  These are built in Duluth.

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