Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Luck of the Irish

We had our company picnic on Friday which meant that I got out of work a little earlier than normal.  That meant that I had a chance of catching the Royal Jordanian 787 which meant that I needed to head to the airport.
 First up was Delta 22 which was an MD-90 that was flying from Minneapolis to Detroit.
 Delta Flight 2835, an Airbus 320 originating at LaGuardia Airport in New York City.  It took off 40 minutes late but only ended up 20 minutes late in Detroit.
 Next up was Southwest 138, a 737 which originated from Midway Airport in Chicago, IL.  It was delayed 28 minutes.
 Delta 736 was a flight from Covington, KY to Detroit.  This was a Boeing 717-200.
 This was a Delta 737-800 that was flying in from Los Angeles.  I think I've seen this livery on a couple of planes and I'm pretty sure I have a picture of the Delta 767 in this livery.
 This was an American Airlines MD-82 on its way from O'Hare to DTW.
 I should have gotten a clue from this flight as to what was going to happen with later flights.  This flight was supposed to go from Minneapolis to Toronto.  Due to weather in Toronto, it was diverted from there to Detroit.  Which I guess explains why it wasn't landing on its usual runway.
 A Delta Airbus 330 arriving from Shanghai.
 This American Express CRJ-700 belonging to SkyWest was arriving from O'Hare.
 This is another flight that was supposed to go to Toronto but it was diverted to Detroit.  This plane is an MD-82.  At one time it was owned by TWA until they merged with American.
 This is another flight that was supposed to go to Toronto but instead ended up in the Motor City.
 And this was a Southwest 737 arriving from Phoenix.
A Spirit A321 arriving from Las Vegas.
 An Airbus 319 arriving from Monterrey, Mexico.
 As I kept looking at FlightAware to check the status of the Royal Jordanian, I noticed an unusual flight coming in.  Well, unusual for Detroit anyway.  It was a flight that was being diverted from Toronto due to the weather there.
 It was was Aer Lingus 129 which was supposed to Toronto.  This is an airline that rarely comes to Detroit (I wont say never because it's possible there was a flight or two here).  This particular flight originated in Dublin. 
 Aer Lingus uses "Shamrock" as their call sign and it was kind of neat hearing that over the radio.  It really makes me want to go to Chicago to hear it there again.
 The name is a Anglicization of the Irish aerloingeas which means "air fleet".  It is the flag carrier of Ireland (meaning it is the official Irish airline).  The airline was established in 1936.  In 2015, it was sold to a private holding company.
 I will have to admit, they have pretty neat livery.
 And this MD-88 was arriving from Atlanta.
 And this A330 was coming in from Amsterdam.
this American 737-800 was coming from Dallas.
 And a CRJ.
 I was happy to get at least one shot of my favorite plane.  This particular 757 was coming in from Mexico City.
 Royal Jordanian 267 is a 787 arriving from Amman, Jordan.
 Since I like the 787 and this is currently the only 787 flight into Detroit, I try to catch it when I can.
 It helps that Royal Jordanian has a pretty cool looking livery.
 And one more shot.
 Fed Ex 505 is the daily flight from Memphis.  On Friday it was a DC-10.
 This American ERJ-190 was coming in from Philadelphia.
 A Boeing 717 arriving from Windsor Locks, CT.
 The next plane was another diversion.  It was making a weird bank coming into 21L.  For a second, I thought it was going to go to one of the 22's.
It was a Lufthansa 747.  It was still pretty cool to see even though Lufthansa is a normal visitor to Detroit.
 But it is still cool to see a 747.
This particular 747 was going from Frankfurt to Toronto.
And they do have a pretty cool livery.

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