Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tuesday Night Dream(liner)ing

Currently Tuesday and Friday evenings afford me the opportunity to catch a 787.  After work, I decided to head over to my favorite spot near the airport to do a little planewatching.
 Well first, I stopped at my second favorite spot to catch a 757.  There is just something about the looks of the 757 that get me.  It was a pretty nice night for photographing because there were clouds to one side and sun to the other.
 As much as I like blue skies, I think clouds lend something to plane pictures (and boat pictures).
 I really like it when I can get a little of both.
 As I was about to leave, there was this Airbus coming in for a landing.
 As I arrived at my spot for catching the Dreamliner, this Airbus A319 was coming in for a landing.  Some of the Spirit planes will have "Spirit of something" near there nose.  This plane happened to be the Spirit of Suncatcher.  I tried to ask what that meant but Spirit wanted to charge me for that.
 It wasn't too long before the plane I wanted to see appeared.
 Royal Jordanian 267 is a non-stop flight from Jordan to Detroit.  Right now it is on Tuesdays and Fridays.  When I first started to chase this plane, it was on Mondays.  Occasionally, there will be a stop in Montreal.
 Despite the problems during lunch, it is a beautiful looking aircraft.  It still can't compete with the 757 but it is a pretty close second.
 One more shot.
 I went back to my other spot to catch another plane.  not this one though.
 Fed Ex Flight 505 is their service from Memphis, TN to Detroit.  I believe it is strictly a Monday through Friday affair, but I'm pretty sure I might have seen it Saturday.  I guess that depends on package volumes.
 Normally it is an MD-11 but on this night it was a DC-10.  Even though they are basically the same plane, there are still some minor differences.
 And one more shot as it passes by.
 Next up was a 737 arriving from San Diego.
 And I ended the evening with another 757.
 This particular one was coming in from Mexico City.
And one more shot for the evening.

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