Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Comerica Park

I went to the Tigers' game last night. They were playing the Cleveland Indians. It was a pretty nice night for it...not too warm and not too cold.

Comerica Park opened in 2000. The first game there was against the Seattle Mariners which the Tigers won. The winning pitcher was Brian Moehler who also won the last game at Tigers Stadium. The first playoff came was not hosted there until 2006. It replaced the venerable Tigers Stadium (which I really loved going to...but I suppose...progress and all that).

Comerica Park is a very nice stadium though. It is lined with tiger heads like above.

There are also several statues around the stadium. This one is at the front. Last year, it was wearing a Red Wings jersey.

Here the umps are discussing their dinner plans.

This is Grady Sizemore.

This is Edwin Jackson. He ended up winning the game.

This is Curtis Granderson, he is one of my favorite players.

This is Granderson trying to make a triple. He stumbled a bit at second base so it became a long out. Despite that, he almost made it.

This is Placido Polanco as he is hitting a home run.

This is Carlos Guillen as he's hitting a home run.

This is centerfield. Alot of people say this is a pitcher friendly park because of the cavernous outfield. I say it's more friendly to those hitters than can hit the gaps. It's certainly not a park for home run hitters though.

This is the view of Downtown Detroit from the park. This is one of the best aspects, I think.

A view of the top of the scoreboard with the moon hovering over it.

Another shot of Granderson.

Another shot of Guillen.

One of the Cleveland pitchers.

One of the Tiger relief pitchers.

Another of the Cleveland players.

Another Cleveland pitcher.

Fernando Rodney. Another of my favorites.

The Tigers won 8-5.

The fountain goes off on home runs and after games they won.

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