Thursday, September 10, 2009

Travelling US-12 - Chicago

This is the last posting in my Travelling US-12 series. If you want to see the beginning go here:
The First Part

After starting at the Point of Origin in Campus Martius at 11:30 in the morning in Detroit, I finally arrived in Chicago at 9:30PM (EDT). It was a long journey taking US-12 (timewise, not distance) but I think it was worth it. In many ways it was like taking a trip through the past. Many of the towns look similar to the way they looked in the 1800's. In putting together this series, I learned quite a bit about some of the towns. At some point I'll go this way again. I hope that the people that read my blog enjoyed this.

Anyways...finally Chicago. Unfortunately it was a busy night (when isn't it busy in Chicago) and I couldn't find a place to park on the street. I didn't want to pay the price to park in a lot or structure somewhere, so I just drove around for a bit. This unfortunately meant I didn't get as many pictures of Chicago that I would have liked.

This is looking up Michigan Avenue.

Another view of Michigan Avenue. Unfortunately, my window wasn't the cleanest, hence all the spots.

Not sure what street this is, but there is the El.

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