Sunday, September 6, 2009

Travelling US-12 - Detroit

So yesterday I decided to do a trip I had been thinking about for a while. I ended up starting in Detroit and taking US-12 to Chicago (I didn't realize it at the time but it doesn't actually go up into Chicago, instead it skirts the southern part of the city). I thought it would be a pretty interesting trip.

These two indicate the point in Detroit where everything is originated. There is a surveyors stone and everything is surveyed from here. This is in Campus Martius and I never noticed it before and yesterday it happened to catch my eye. This is techically the starting point for Michigan Avenue/US-12.

This is a shot as you are looking down Michigan Avenue from Campus Martius. Off in the distance you can see the remnants of Tiger Stadium.

This is the Soldier and Sailor's Monument in Campus Martius.

Although not techically a part of Michigan Avenue, I do like this statue.

Again, not techically part of Michigan Avenue. It's close enough to take pictures of.

And the famous Joe Louis fist.

The 150 West Jefferson building.

The Father Comidas statue on Jefferson.

This is looking at the corner of Lafayette and Michigan.

As is this.

Again looking down Michigan Avenue.

This is a statue of the first Governor of Michigan. It is near the corner of Lafayette and Michigan.

Looking down from the statue.

A statue of Paulaski, he is a Polish person who helped in the revolutionary war.

Macomb. Both of these statues are across the street on Michigan and Washington.

Thaddeus Kociuszko another Polish person who helped with the revolution. This statue is on Michigan Avenue near the MGM grand.

This is the DTE Energy building.

The MGM Grand building which is a casino and one of three in Detroit.

And here are the remnants of Tiger's stadium. They are getting closer and closer to destroying it completely.

This is really a depressing site for me because I've spend a great deal of time in this stadium. It is sad to see it go.

Looking back at Downtwon Detroit from Tiger's Stadium. I really love Detroit's skyline. There is alot of unique architecture that makes it up.

The Michigan Central Station, one of the buildings of Detroit that I wish they would either tear down or renovate.

An abandoned factory.

Facing west and heading towards Chicago.

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