Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To All My Readers

I've been doing this blog since the beginning of the year and I now have more posts on here than my older blog (concentrated on politics there....and I'm sort of blah towards politics now). Anyways, which are your favorite pictures? Are there any that you would like to see more of? Please post in the comments section.

Thank you.


winterh said...

I like them all. I suppose if I had to pick favorites it would be the assorted night shots. The night shots of Ypsi in particular are cool.

Dominic said...

I don't think you've posted a collection that I haven't enjoyed, especially since I'm not there in Michigan anymore. I do have one comment that I forgot to make earlier. How in the world did you do a US12 photo shoot and NOT take a picture of my Burger King???? HMMMMM???