Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Thompson Building - Ypsilanti

I'm sometimes amazed at life's little quirks. A couple weeks ago while I was in Depot Town taking pictures of other buildings, I was thinking that I should take a couple pictures of this building. I realized there was a bit of history in this building but it was in a bit of disrepair. I also heard that they were going to restore this building, so I figured that I would take pictures of it after they did that.

Anyways, the Thompson Building is on the northeast corner of the portion of town called Depot Town. While all the other buildings in the area (except for the freight house and depot) have been restored this one has not. It is sad because there is a bit of history for the building. During the Civil War it housed soldiers as they were waiting for the train to take them to the front. So it's been around for a while.

Then it got into a pissing match. (There are other blogs to get into the details on that) It sounds like they were going to try to restore it. Well, I guess they'll get their chance now (or they'll have to tear it down). Anyways, it's said when old buildings like this meet this fate.

This is looking at it from Cross Street.

It looks like part of it didn't get too damaged. However, the windows were all go beforehand.

Listening to one of the people looking at it, it sounds like it was a neat building. There were stables underneath and other things. Shame.

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