Sunday, September 20, 2009

Michigan-Eastern Michigan Game

My dad and I went to the Michigan - Eastern Michigan game. I went to and graduated from Eastern Michigan, but I've been a Michigan fan all my life. As nice as it would have been to see Eastern beat Michigan, I didn't think it would have actually happened. As it was, Eastern did keep the game close for about 3 quarters, so it was a good game.

The Eastern Band as it marches on the field.

This is Michigan's press box. I think it is getting torn down after this season. I hope they keep the 30ish font for the "Michigan Stadium".

The Michigan band as it marches on the field. I love the sound of this band.

The Michigan drum major bending backwards.

One of the Michigan traditions before the game is the players will run into the field and jump up to touch this banner which reads "Go Blue, M Club Supports you".

Raising of the flag and the playing of the National Anthem.

The Coin Toss.

The first kickoff of the game.

The band up in the stands. This is the student section and it was pretty cool because they were all wearing Maize. Made it stand it out from the rest of the stadium.

This is a play Eastern was running most of the day. It was mostly effective.

Michigan quaterback Tate Forcier making a pass. He seems pretty good and he's a freshman, so this bodes well for Michigan's future, I think.

Handoff to Carlos Brown.

The Michigan cheerleaders doing backflips.

An Eastern player making a catch.

Shaw wide in the open. If I remember correctly, this play would have been a touchdown had he not stepped out of bounds.

Another handoff.

Robinson as he's about to break it. I think this play ended with a touchdown. He's scary to opponents on the run and he's scary to Michigan fans on the pass. :)

Eastern Quarterback Andy Schmitt making a pass.

Martell Webb getting tackled.

The Eastern band at halftime. One of the things I like about going to the game is the fact that you get to see the bands instead of listening to a bunch of bobbleheads prattling on about stuff.

The Michigan band at Halftime.

Another shot of the Michigan band.

The combined Eastern and Michigan bands.

A shot of Ann Arbor from the stadium.

A shot of the scoreboard just after halftime.

Another shot of Andy Schmitt.

The Michigan Pom Pom squad.

Webb about to get plastered.

Dwayne Priest during a run.

Another tradition is the cheerleaders spelling out Michigan.

Tate Forcier about to make a pass.

Odoms after a catch.

Schmitt making a pass.

A shot of the crowd doing the wave. Another neat thing about Michigan stadium is the variable speed wave. One part of it moves incredibly slow around the stadium and then it moves much faster and then it splits into two waves. Really neat to watch.

The Cheerleaders dong backflips again.

The handshake at the end of the game. This is another nice tradition at college games.

During "The Victors"

Michigan won 45 to 17 but Eastern made a game of it for the most part.

It was nice to make it to the Michigan game. It's been a while since I've gone to a game there and it's an enjoyable experience. There's the crowd and all the traditions. With the new additions to the stadium, it seems louder.

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