Monday, September 7, 2009

Travelling US-12 - Ypsilanti, MI

Ypsilanti was first established as a trading post in 1809 by Gabriel Godfroy, a French-Canadian fur trader. A permanant settlement was established in 1823 by Major Woodruff and it was called Woodruff's grove. Another settlement was established nearby with the name of Ypsilanti (named after the Greek patriot Demetrius Ypsilanti) in 1825. In 1829, the two towns merged and became what we now know as Ypsilanti.

This is as you are coming in from the east. They've actually been remodelling this place fairly recently.

This is the Ypsilanti City Hall. It was originally built as a bank in 1887 and became city hall in the 1970's. It used to have an ugly facade that looked so 70's. They finally tore the facade down in the 90's.

This is as you are looking west.

This is a good overview of downtown Ypsilanti (I used photo-stitch, so pardon for the mismatchs).

The building closest to you is the Ypsilanti Library and this view is looking east.

This is the Eastern Michigan University College of Business. It was built in 1990 and is separate from the main campus of Eastern Michigan (which is about 5 blocks away). Eastern Michigan itself was formed in 1849.

This is Abe's Coney Island, one of my favorite spots to go eat after a night of studying.

US-12 used to be the main route between Detroit and Chicago, hence the name.

Looking east down Michigan Avenue again.

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