Friday, January 28, 2011

Depot Town

Today's photo assigment was to take a picture of something red. I got home a little on the late side so I had to rack my brain to find something red. I didn't really want to do a picture of one of my British action figures although I was prepared to. Then I remembered a couple things in Depot Town.

Depot Town is so named because it is the home of the train depot that used to be used by the Michigan Central Railroad.

The Michigan Central was originally founded in 1846 to connect Detroit to St. Joseph Michigan. It eventually would service Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and parts of Ontario. It was later absorbed by the New York Central which was later absorbed by the Pennsylvania Railroad and it eventually became part of Conrail. After Conrail was dissolved, the railroad lines were operated by Norfolk Southern.

I think this is the front of the caboose. But I'm not sure.

This is the back from an odd angle.

The New York Central logo.

The number of the car.

This is the Ypsilanti sign on the Freight House. The Freight House is currently used as the Farmer's Market.

A long shot down the freight house. I had to use a pretty high iso setting, hence the graininess. Although, I kind of like the effect.

This is the old Ypsilanti depot. I heard rumors this may be refurbished and used for Amtrak.


Erica said...

I like these. Why'd you take them at night instead of in daylight? just curious...

Mikoyan said...

Because it was getting dark before I'd get home and I wanted my pics.