Friday, January 21, 2011

Michigan Vs. Alaska - Hockey

It's probably been about 8 years since I've been to a Michigan Hockey game, so I decided to go to the game tonight. They were playing the University of Alaska - Fairbanks at Yost Arena. I'm actually kind of surprised I don't go to games there more often as it is pretty fun. The crowd is more animated than at the football games and hockey is fun to watch. As of this game, Michigan was 16-6-4 overall. This is good enough for first in the CCHA and 6th in the polls.

Michigan plays in Yost Arena in Ann Arbor (duh) which was built in 1923 and was used for basketball until they moved to Crisler Arena in 1967. In 1973, it was converted to an ice arena and the hockey team has used it ever since. It's current capacity is almost 7,000 people. It's not a bad place to watch a game although in some places it shows its age. It's size means that the crowd noise a larger factor.

The Zamboni preparing the ice surface before the game. I wish there were a hockey game somewhere that had Zamboni jousting.

The Michigan team lining up for the national anthem.

The bad guys.

Matt Rust carrying the puck forward.

This is Lee Moffie, he is one of the defensemen for Michigan.

The Alaska goalie making a save. He made quite a few of them that night but not enough

Mac Bennett shooting the puck into the zone.

The Michigan bench. Michigan's coach is Red Berenson who has been their coach in 1984. He took over a struggling program and brought it back to the top tiers of college hockey. He has over 700 wins, he is the 6th College coach to do so.

One of the Alaska players moving the puck forward.

A bit of a scrum. One of the things I don't understand is how the modern NHL is trying to remove fighting from the game. The crowd was wild during this scrum and it seems the same way during NHL games. I know that many people don't like fighting but I think that it relieves steam so you don't get players doing that with sticks.

This is a shot I took using the blue mode of my camera.

Michigan's goalie, Shawn Hunwick making 1 of 36 saves for the night.

I can't tell which player this is.

One of the Michigan players tripping in front of the goalie.

Another Michigan player advancing the puck.

Probably my favorite shot of the night. The Alaska goalie letting in the second Michigan goal of the evening. You can clearly see the puck in the net and the look on the goalies face.

The Michigan goalie, Hunwick, making another of 36 saves. He looked pretty good during the game.

The team congratulating each other after the game.

Michigan would end up winning the game 2-0. Like I said, this was my first game at Yost in a long time and I am glad that I got to see a shutout and pretty decent hockey for most of the game.

This is a picture of Michigan's Championship banners. They have won 9 Championships and have been to the Frozen Four over 20 times.

I like to watch hockey but taking pictures of it is kind of a pain. The game moves at a pretty fast pace.


Anonymous said...

Hail to the victors!

Anonymous said...

Finally got a chance to check these out Ken.........awesome! Too bad we lost in OT for the title. Either way, what a game.

Dave B