Thursday, January 27, 2011

You Deserve a Break Today

Today's assigmemt is to make a photograph that features a very distinct curved line or surface today. There are many things I could think of that have a curve and I was going to do one of my models and then I remembered something.

On Telegraph Road there is a McDonalds that sort of has the classic McDonald's sign. And I figured that is one of the most recognizable curves on the planet. So I decided to head there since that was sort of on the way home anyway.

As it was, the weather was pretty crappy as I was heading home so I decided to stick to the surface streets anyway as the freeways would be jammed.

So this is the sign. Although I seem to remember another McDonald's in the area that still has the almost original look.

I decided to get a closer shot so that I could just get the curve of the sign.

This is from the other side so that I didn't have some of the lights behind it.

This is also a different sort of curve.

Looking at an oblique angle.

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Pull Up A Chair said...

I love those old signs. Great pictures.