Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Tire on I-94

Of all the landmarks in Michigan that I've wanted a picture of, this one is probably the most difficult for me to get. Usually when I am going past it, I am the one that is doing the driving and I'm not quite sure where to pull off to get it. Today, my dad and I were heading down to the Lions game, so I had my chance.

The tire started out life as a ferris wheel for the 1964/65 World's Fair in New York. After the fair ended, it was moved to Michigan where it stands now. In the mid 90's it was given a facelift to make it look more modern. In 1998, it was given a nail for Uniroyal's NailGard tires. In 2003, it was given another renovation in preparation for the Super Bowl that was going to be in Detroit. It is definately an icon.


Pull Up A Chair said...

This is fantastic. I love this kind of Americana. When I was 4 to age 6 we lived in Inglewood, CA. and out my bedroom window, I could see "The BIG Donut" - Now it's called "Randy's Donuts" but back then, I think it was called "The Big Donut" ... but it was, and still is, big and brown. Iconic indeed!

Mikoyan said...

We used to have a sign that showed the US vehicle production.

priya said...

Amazing work guv. I'm so stunned, it hurts. Definitely keen to see how it turns out! Tires Florida