Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Shots After the Game

These are some shots I took as we were heading back to the car. This was my second game at Ford Field and I think I like Ford Field alot better than the Silverdome. For one thing, it is alot easier to get out of Detroit than it was to get out of Pontiac. Second, there is alot more to see around the stadium.

This is looking down Brush Street towards the Ren Cen.

Ford Field is right next to Comerica Park. This is the statue of Ty Cobb at Comerica.

This is a statue of Al Kaline.

As I was looking down the street, I saw this shot and I liked it.

I forget whose statue this is but I liked how the light was hitting it.

This is Hazen Pingree who was a mayor of Detroit. This is another one that I liked how the light was hitting it.

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