Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baseball - EMU vs. NIU - Part II

It was a nice enough day today, so I decided to head down to Oestrike Stadium again to catch an Eastern Michigan baseball game. This was the rubber match of a three game series with the Northern Illinois Huskies.
This is Corey Chaffins about to make a pitch. One of the things I like about going to the Eastern games is that I can get fairly close to the field. Although that wasn't quite so nice as a foul ball almost hit me.

The Northern Illinois pitcher about to make a pitch.

One of the Eastern batters swinging at a pitch. It wasn't a terribly good hitting day for the Eagles.
Another shot of the Northern pitcher.

The EMU base coach.

Another Eastern player swinging at a pitch.

Another reason I like the Eastern games is that I can move around the field pretty easily. So I was able to get this shot of an Eastern pitcher that I'm really happy with.

One of many Northern hits.

A shot of the Northern pitcher. He had himself a pretty good game.

One of the Northern players swinging at the ball.

Another shot of the Eastern pitcher.

The Northern base coach making signals.

The Eastern pitcher from another angle.

Daniel Russell swinging at the ball.

Another Northern hit.

Another shot of the EMU pitcher.

The first EMU pitcher got chased out, so the new guy pitched in relief. He didn't do too bad of a job.
Another Northern player swinging at the pitch.

One of the Northern players getting a jump on the hit.
Another Eastern player swinging. I think this one may have been a hit.

Probably one of my favorite hitting shots.

Although I'm fairly happy with this shot.
I really like this shot.
The Eastern player sent back to the base.

The third Eastern pitcher. This guy pitched the other night and was pretty decent.
One of the Eastern players laying down a pretty nice bunt. He was able to advance the runner. But the subsequent hitters couldn't get him home.
Another shot of an Eastern player swinging at the ball.

The Northern Illinois closer.

Unfortunately Northern Illinois won this game 2-1. Oh well, it was a nice day.

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