Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Cason J. Callaway

My next ship was the Cason J. Callaway which is owned by the Great Lakes Fleet.
The Cason J. Callaway was one of 8 "AAA" class ships developed by the Pittsburgh Steamship Company. She was the last of the trio of this class that was built for the Pittsburgh Steamship Company (the other two were the Philip R. Clarke and Arthur M. Anderson). She was the only one of this trio that was built by the Great Lakes Engineering Works in River Rouge, Michigan.

She was completed 1952 and began her maiden voyage in that year. In 1955, she was involved in accident with the B.F. Jones. She was able to be repaired, the B.F. Jones was totalled. So I wonder if the Captains get out and exchange insurance information in this case?

Originally she was 647 feet long but in 1974, she was lengthened to 767 feet long. Not only did this increase her carrying capacity, but it also lengthened her career.

She mostly carries iron ore but on accasion will carry grain.

She is one of the extended season vessels. Often the first to fit out in the spring and the last to lay up before the winter.

She serves her fleet well.

This was one of the shots I pretty happy with.

Until I got to this shot.

And I kind of like this one too with the pinks in the sky and the lone ship set against the bridge. You can almost make out the faint lines of the Sam Laud.

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