Friday, January 2, 2015

A Brief Trip to Fostoria

With the impending probable weather for the weekend, I decided to head down to Fostoria today.  I was meaning to go down there over my holiday and my window was getting smaller.  It was actually a pretty nice day and a bit warmer than the past couple of days.
 It was actually a little on the slow side today.  It was about a half hour or so until I saw my first train.  That is kind of unusual for Fostoria but I suspect that might have something to do with the holidays.
 The train was down from Toledo of course.  It was carrying vehicles.
 I kind of liked the lighting.
 And it starts to pull away.
 Looking up at the cab of the other engine.
 I do like some of the graffiti that I see on trains.  I'm not quite sure what these were supposed to be.
 The train swami, I think.
 This train was moving down at a pretty good clip, so I wasn't able to get a better picture of it.
 This train was just working around the rail yard.  I think it was gathering cars for a bigger run because it kept backing in and out.
 And remember, when you see the flashing lights, think train.
 The train pulling back into the yard.
 Another train coming down from the north.  This was getting some of the golden light.
 And it rounds the bend to become a west bound train.
 A west bound train on the Norfolk Southern line.
 With a shot of the engineer.
 And it pulls away.
 A BNSF engine heading east.
And more shot as it continues on its way.

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