Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Messing Around With My Trains

Because I'm trying to do a picture a day and it is still winter, I'm going to sometimes use this opportunity to experiment with things.  One of the things I've messed with in the past is taking pictures with a flashlight.  This gives me the opportunity to control the direction of the light and I think this will help with more proper photography.
 First, I just used a straight out picture.  This would probably be the normal angle for me to take a picture of a train.  Since I was just messing with things, I didn't get the full engine in the picture.
 Then I tried the front of the train, I didn't realize that I would get a sinister looking shot out of it.
 Just a different angle.  This would be one that I couldn't get with a real train unless I was on an overpass or something.
One more from the front but a little lower angle on the camera.

I'm going to have to try this again but with the tripod so that I don't have to use higher film speed.

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