Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shots Otherwise Not Classified

These are just some of my other shots while waiting for ships.
 An airplane flew overhead.  I think this is a commuter airplane but I'm not sure what kind.  The plane is a Bombardier Dash 8 (thanks to an alert reader).  It is a turbo prop commuter aircraft that was introduced by DeHavilland in 1983.  DeHavilland Canada was found as a subsidiary of its British counterpart in 1928.  During World War II, they produced the Mosquito fighter-bomber which was one of the fastest planes built in World War II.  After the war, they produced a number of passenger aircraft and they were acquired by Bombardier in 1992.
 A group of seagulls ride the ice floe down the river.
 The Arthur M. Anderson photobombs a picture of a pair of tugs.  The one on the right is the Captain Keith and the other is a work tug.  Both are owned by Malcolm Marine.
 The tug/barge combination Norman McLeod/Everlast.  They are unloading stuff at the plant in Sarnia.
 The tugs without a ship in the background.  I kind of liked the reflection off the ice.
 I think this is a redhead duck.
 I made a brief stop in Detroit.  I was hoping to get a decent shot of the Algomarine as she was in the Belle Isle anchorage. She wasn't really in a good spot.
And a shot of the Ren Cen.

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cmadler said...

The airplane appears to be C-GONW, a Bombardier Dash 8 DHC-8-102 used by Jazz, operating as "Air Canada Express".