Thursday, January 29, 2015

Messing With Light and Shadows

In keeping with my attempt to do at least one photo a day, I figured I would use tonight to do some more messing with the light pen and different lighting angles.  While I think I get cool pictures out of this, I think it helps me understand light and my camera better.
 My first subject was a model 747 that I have.  I was going to do trains again but I decided that I don't do planes on here enough and the 747 is a pretty good subject. 
 The plane is wearing the United Airlines "Friendship" Livery.  This was the scheme that was common in the late 60's through the 70's.  The airline traces its lineage to the Varney Air Lines in 1926.  It started as an air-mail service and morphed into passenger service.  It also traces it's history to the Boeing Air Transport which was an airline run by William Boeing formed in 1927.  In 1928, Boeing merged with Varney and a couple other airlines to form United.  Eventually, it would expand into the airline we know and love today.
 The development of the 747 began in the early 1960's when the US Air Force was looking for a heavy cargo aircraft.  Boeing lost out the contract to the C-5 Galaxy designed by Lockheed, however Juan Trippe of Pan Am was interested.  He was looking for a plane that was larger than the 707.  It first flew in 1969 and the first plane was delivered to Pan Am in 1970.  The bulge on top of the fuselage used to hold a lounge.
 Sadly, this plane is being phased out in favor of the twin engine jets.  It is a very nice looking jet.
 The plane from a different angle.
 For this shot, I was messing with the shadow.  This something I'm going to have to explore more in the future.
 My next subject is one of my action figures.  He is depicting a British paratrooper from the Falklands Conflict.
 Just messing with different angles of light.
And a picture of the shadows.  Again, I'm going to have to mess with this some more.

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