Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Messing With My Trains Again

So I was messing around with my trains again tonight.  Well, I was using my trains to mess around with different lighting.  I just wanted to try different angles and stuff.
 My main subject was my BNSF engine that is wearing the old Santa Fe livery.  I was using a pen light and it was working fairly well, but I think I may need to mess with the exposure a bit.  I kind of like how you can just see the front train.
 Then I went for a different angle.  I kind of like the way the light looks on it.
 Since this angle is pretty tough for a real train, I figured I would get it here.  Although I may need to try to lower the camera to get a more realistic angle.
 So then I tried an angle where I got two of my trains.  Again in the normal light.
 And then I went with the pen light.
 Just messing with different angles of the light.
 And different f-stops.
 A couple more shots at an even smaller f-stop.  I was trying to get the whole engine in focus.
I think I might have gotten it.

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