Monday, January 12, 2015

American Spirit and American Courage Stuck in the St. Clair River

I decided to put the next two ships in the same post.
 The American Spirit was stopped a little further up the River.  She was cruising along just fine on AIS as I was watching her the day before but I think the Jackson stopped ahead made it so she had to stop.
 The American Courage was stopped at a pretty odd angle.  Someone said that that she may have lost power but I can't confirm that.  Someone else said that she stopped this way to reduce some of the effects of the ice on her hull.  That one actually sounds a little more plausible.
A shot of both ships.  It's really amazing how quickly the St. Clair River iced up like this because it wasn't this bad this weekend.   At any rate, the American Spirit is heading to Toledo for her layup and as of this writing she is almost there.  The American Courage is heading to Cleveland but I'm not sure if that is for layup or to deliver one more load.  She is also free as I write this.

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