Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs Ball State Cardinals

Tonight was the MAC Opener for Eastern Michigan and this the season where Eastern looks like they might have a pretty good chance to take the MAC.   These were my favorite pictures from tonight, for others go to Eagle Totem.
 They had the Basketball Band tonight which was kind of cool.   I think a band lends more to the college atmosphere than piped in music.
 Swoop was also in attendance.  There was actually a pretty decent crowd for the game tonight.
 For some reason, the Ball State coach reminds me of Joe Isuzu from the 80's.
 Karrington Ward had back to back dunks tonight.  I liked this shot better than the other though.
 Mike Talley trying to work his way to the basket.
 Raven Lee trying for a basket.
Karrington Ward getting mugged on the way to the basket.

Tonight was one of those reminders why they play the games.  Eastern should have walked away with a victory tonight but they came out pretty flat.  They managed to claw their way back to a lead but lost it.  Ball State took the game into overtime and won by 1 point.  Hopefully, one game wont matter in the scheme of things but you really should win the games you're supposed to win.

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