Monday, January 12, 2015

Algomarine on the Move

Since the Herbert C. Jackson didn't start moving again until after I left, I felt like I couldn't get closure to my stories from yesterday.  As I looked at AIS, I saw that the Algomarine was heading down, so I figured I would try to get her.
 It's amazing what the difference of thirty miles makes.  The St. Clair River is all plugged with ice.  There are ices in spots of the Detroit River but the channel is clear.
 The Algomarine moves by at her normal speed.  It was kind of cool to watch her.
 And by cool, I mean that the temperature was around 30 degrees F.  Fortunately, it wasn't all that windy.
 I'm not sure where she was coming from, but she was heading down to Toledo.  I'm not sure if she's going there for layup or will continue some operations in the winter.
 Part of me hopes that I might get to see her a couple of times during the winter but I'd imagine that is even tougher on the crews.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 A little bit of ice.
 The crew cleaning ice and snow off the deck.
And she moves along.  I bet the crew was happy she was moving again.

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