Sunday, January 18, 2015

And the Griffon Again

Next up is the larger icebreaker, the Griffon.
 With the Risley getting repaired, it was up to the Griffon to great the Arthur M. Anderson around St. Clair.  This is where the ice started to get really thick.
 As I said in my last posts, I think she is a nice looking boat.  It seems like the Canadian Coast Guard knows how to build nice looking ships.
 The light was starting to cooperate with me.
 And she pulls away.
 From this angle, she almost looked like a Fisher Price boat.
 Here she is leading the Arthur M. Anderson past Marine City.  I loved the light for these shots.
 Fully illuminated.
 And she passes by.
 And as I got to Algonac.
 The setting sun shining on her nicely.

And one more shot.

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