Sunday, January 18, 2015

Some Kind of Wonderful...Engine

As I headed over to the Blue Water Bridge to catch the next ship, the train pulled out of the factory.
 The train still wears her Grand Trunk Railroad livery but she is owned by the Canadian National Railroad now.   I think this train pretty much stays in this area.
 The Grand Trunk Western Railroad grew out of the collapse of the Grand Trunk Railway and was formed in 1928.  It had lines that stretched from Chicago to Maine.  In 1980, it acquired the Detroit, Toledo and Ironton which used to be owned by Ford.  It became part of the CN family in 1971.
 A shot of her cab.
 And her horns.
One more shot of her.

The title is from a Grand Funk Railroad song.  Grand Funk Railroad was formed in Flint in 1969.  It had it's heyday in the 70's.  They have a few other hits but the titles elude me.

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