Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Day Wolverines

I didn't really feel like going to chase boats today, besides there weren't really that many boats to go chase.  So it felt like a good day to just relax.  Since I can't pass on taking pictures, I decided to go get some pictures of the Wolverines.
 First up was the west bound Wolverine.   She started in Chicago and passes Michigan City, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson and Ann Arbor.  There are a couple of stops in between but I don't feel like looking up the schedule.
 I would have liked this picture a little more if I weren't shooting towards the sun.
 Even though there is a handful of cars, it does look almost endless.
 Next up was the west bound Wolverine.  She will continue to Dearborn, Detroit, Royal Oak and Pontiac.  There might be a couple of other stops but I'm not sure.
 Sadly, Ypsilanti is not one of them.  Maybe some day that will happen but as I was looking at the train station, I realize it may be rougher than I expect.
 I mean you've got the scaffolding holding up the roof of the gondola.
It also looks like it will need a new roof at some point.

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