Saturday, January 31, 2015

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs Western Michigan

I went to the Eastern Michigan game today.  It has actually been a while.  I was going to go to the last game but I wasn't feeling well and the prior game was during the weekend that I wanted to boatwatch.  So here I am.  I'm just posting a handful of pictures here, if you want to see others go to Eagle Totem.
 Brandon Nazione started the game with a pretty sweet duk.  For this picture, I was up in the stands because I wanted to try a different angle.  It's kind of nice for dunks but not for other shots.
 So I headed back down to the floor.  Mike Talley is driving towards the basket.
 Nazione with another dunk.
 They had a pretty sweet halftime show today.  It was a group of BMX people and they were doing various stunts.  It was amazing how high they got.
 And some of the tricks they could do.
 It seemed like this guy was looking at me.
 One more shot.  It was kind of cool to do these because this would be something I wouldn't normally get pictures of.
 Karrington's only offense for the day.
 Mike Talley working his way around the defense.
Raven Lee trying to work through the defense.

Eastern ended up winning 69-63 and looked pretty solid doing so.  I hope this means that their slump is over.

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