Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Day With the Trains

After getting a late start this morning, I decided to head down to Fostoria to get some train pictures.  Sadly, I think I got too late of a start.
 As I was coming in, I saw this train getting ready to approach the diamonds.  I had just enough time to get my camera out to get pictures.  I would have preferred the spot where I could get the straight on shot, but this isn't too bad.
 I kind of like the looks of these engines.
 And it wasn't too long before it passed me.
 I misread the sounds of the horns for this one, so I wasn't really in position to get better pictures of it.  It seemed like it was pretty slow, so I decided to head back.
 I managed to get back in time to catch the Wolverine that passes Ypsilanti around 6:30 or so.  The lighting was just about perfect too.
 I was able to catch it in the almost golden light.
 I was able to catch a startled robin in this shot.
 And it passes the depot building.
 As I was looking at the rails, I noticed what appeared to be date stamps for the steel.  This one appears to have been built in 1940.
And then a shot of the rail itself.

I'm hoping to go back down to Ohio tomorrow.

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