Friday, March 4, 2016

Eastern Michigan at Toledo Basketball

So I went down to Toledo tonight to catch the Eastern Michigan basketball game.  The game itself had implications for where Eastern would be playing its first MAC Tournament game on Monday.  If they beat Toledo, they would be playing at home otherwise, they would have to travel somewhere.  My drive down there wasn't too bad.  As always, I will be posting my favorite game shot and other shots from the game.  If you want more shots from the game, go to Eagle Totem.
 The campus itself is pretty nice.  I wish I would have had more time to wander around because it looks like there were some pretty cool buildings.
 Apparently tonight's game was sponsored by Corning Fiberglass and so they had the Pink Panther there.
 Jordan Nobles during the warmups.
 Tim Bond during the warmups.
 Just another face in the crowd.
 The Toledo coach in a not so animated moment.
 These guys are part of what is called the Blue Crew.  They are students at University of Toledo and show up to many of the Toledo games.  I've seen them travel to Ypsilanti, I'm not sure if they go elsewhere.  I would have to say that these guys are pretty cool (even if they do root for Toledo).
 For the most part, the refs were pretty competent tonight but that didn't mean that Murphy didn't have any arguments with them.
And my favorite shot of the game.

So I will have one more game this season on Monday night as I don't think I will be traveling to Cleveland for the tournament.

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