Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Pennsylvania Whirlwind

Next I decided to take the way that would take me by Falling Water.  This way definitely adds time to the trip but I think it is worth it even though I've seen the house several times now.
 It's been warm enough down there that some of the flowers were in bloom.  I was hoping to see the trillium that I saw last time but I don't think they were in bloom yet.  Not sure what kind of flower this is.
 Another flower.
 One of these days, I need to do the guided tour of the house but I think that would require a bit of planning on my part and probably an overnight stay in the area.  The grounds are still pretty nice though.
 A statue.
 I love the way that the house basically blends into the surroundings.  It seems like the group in charge of caring for it do a pretty good job.  The trail is pretty well kept up.
 I love the design elements at play.
 The angle from the back.
 One of the side angles.
 And of course, the pretty much classic picture of it.
 Of course, the reason why it's called Falling Water is because of the waterfall coming out of the house.  That makes it more difficult to maintain though.
 I decided for a black and white shot.
 And one with a slightly slower shutter speed.
 An attempt at framing.
 The country side as you leave Falling Water is pretty cool too.  If you look closely at this picture, you can see train tracks.
 I remember seeing this church the last time I passed through.
 One of the stained glass windows.
 It's pretty cool when you catch the right light.
 A passing stream.
 I caught this old beat up General Store.  The light was hitting it just about right.
One more angle.

I made a stop in Cumberland but I didn't run across any trains, so I moved along.  Maybe next time.

I will start posting pictures from Norfolk tomorrow.

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