Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Stop at Marblehead Lighthouse

So as I said in my hit the road posts, I ended up going down to Norfolk, Virginia over the Easter Weekend.  The normal way to head out east is to hop on the Ohio Turnpike, but I like my trips a little more scenic and I left early enough to accomplish that.
 Once I reach Toledo, I will hop on Ohio State Route 2.  I'm not sure how much distance it adds to the trip but I does add more time.  Looking on google maps, it adds about a half hour.  Which I guess isn't that much in the scheme of things.
 Of course, that doesn't take stopping time into account.  The main reason that I like that route is that it gives me a chance to stop at Marblehead Lighthouse (this adds a little more time to the trip though).
 Lake Erie was a little on the angry side when I stopped.
 From another angle.
 I'll have to admit, this is one of the nicer looking lighthouses out there.
 I believe this used to be the Keeper's residence.
 This is a new addition to the park.  It is a replica of the Lifesaving Station that was about a mile away.  The original was built in 1876 and lasted until 1921 when it was replaced with a two story building.  That was replaced with the current station in 1982.  These were typically occupied by six rescuemen and the lighthouse keeper.  They could either rescue people with a rope cannon or a 26 foot surfboat.  This particular iteration will open this summer and will have a replica surfboat.
 Another angle of the lighthouse.
 I was trying to use the lines of the fence.
 A shot of her tower.  One of these days, I will climb up into this one.

One more picture before moving on.

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