Sunday, March 13, 2016

Planewatching at Metro Airport

There are a couple of people that post pictures of planes from Metro Airport and I wondered where they take those pictures from.  So I decided to do a search on "Detroit planewatching" and I found a few places where people do it from.  The first place I visited was a little spot on Wick Road.  It looks like it was going to be a road at one time but they never finished it.  I didn't see any no parking or trespassing signs there, so I stopped.
 It wasn't too long before I was treated to this Canadair Regional Jet.  I'm not sure on the model but I've flown on these a few times and they are too bad.  These were developed from a design by Bill Lear in 1976 and have since replaced many of the propellor aircraft that were used by regional airliners in the day.  They have a cruising speed of 424 knots.  This particular aircraft is operated by Delta.
 Over on the further runway, I saw an Airbus A340 operated by Lufthansa.  The A340 first flew in 1991 and is mostly used by European carriers.  It has a cruising speed of around 540 miles per hour.
 Another regional jet.
 This is an Airbus A319 or 320.  This particular aircraft was designed to go up against the Boeing 737.

I think this is a Regional Jet operated by American Airlines.
 I want to say that this an MD-90.  It was originally designed by the Douglas Aircraft company and designated as the DC-9.  When Douglas was bought by McDonnell, the DC-9's became the MD-80's and this particular aircraft is an improvement of that design.  It first flew in 1993.
 This is a Boeing 717 which originally developed by the McDonnell Aircraft company as the MD-95.  It is another growth of the DC-9 family.  The name was changed when Boeing merged with McDonnell-Douglas.
 A robin by the spot where I was plane watching from.
 One of my favorite commercial aircraft is the Boeing 757.  I just like how graceful it looks.
 This is an Embrear design.  Embrear is a company that operates out of Brazil.
 An MD-90 coming in for a landing.
 This is a Short 360 and is operated by a private airplane company.  The Short Company is a British company and this plane was developed in the 80's.  These used to be a fairly common sight at airports until they were replaced by the smaller commuter jets.
 A Delta 737 preparing to take off.
 And it rolls into its takeoff.
 A Regional Jet taking off.
 A 757 coming in for a landing.
 It's amazing how graceful these big aircraft look when they are coming in for a landing.
And another Embrear coming in for a landing.

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