Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Norfolk Southern Passes Through Ann Arbor

As I was heading home from work tonight, I headed down Ellsworth.  Every time I cross the tracks there, I have to look and see if there are any approaching trains.  Sure enough, I saw one so I decided to head back to Morgan Road in order to get a picture of it.
 I barely made it in time to catch the train.  But I did manage to catch it and I was happy I did.  I was expecting the Ann Arbor Railroad train but instead I got a Norfolk Southern one.  I don't usually see Norfolk Southern coming this way.
 I've wanted a picture of a train reflecting in this ditch for a while.  It is especially cool since the lighting was perfect.
 As it starts to pass by.
 And it continues on it's way.
And this shot is pretty cool too.

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