Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Walking Around Ypsilanti

I was going to go to the gym tonight but it was too nice of a night to walk around inside, so I decided to head down to Depot Town and take a walk through there.
 First I took a shot of the Hudson in the Car Museum.
 It was about Wolverine time, so I took a picture of the depot.
 It wasn't long before the Wolverine appeared.
 I kind of liked the orange of the sunset in the reflections.
 And it wasn't long before it passed.
 I kind of like the colors in this set of buildings.
Then I decided to walk through Frog Island Park to Michigan Avenue.  I liked the way the sky looked, so I took a picture.

As it was, I ended up walking a couple of miles.  It felt nice.

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Matt Wandel said...


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